Sanasalis - fitter and slimer with alternative remedies

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Sanasalis - two product ranges, three alternative schools of medicine and only natural ingredients!


In Sanasalis we focus all of our attention on two areas of health: Getting more energy and losing weight.

For this we use the help of three alternative schools of medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Traditional South American medicine. 


We do not promise you miracles. Our products can help you to get fitter and lose weight. In small, but sustainable steps. We aim to help you achieve results that last. We do believe that our products can help everyone to get fitter and lose weight, but we encourage you to also lead a healthy life style.


We believe in high quality, organic, herb only, fair trade products and therefore only work with certified, accredited partners in China, India and Peru. They are tested in their country of origin and again tested and certified in Europe by independent acknowledged institutes.