Ayurved is an ancient holistic system of medicine from India, which aims at a holistic well being of body, senses, mind and soul.

This philosophy includes all that is required to make humans energetic and helps in prolonging life.


Ayurveda originates from India, is widely used in most South-East Asian countries and due to its positive effect is increasingly used in the Western world. Ayurveda dates back an estimated 5,000 years and is widely considered to be the oldest form of health care in the world.


Ayurveda identifies three different “doshas”. The “Vata dosha” governs the principle of movement and helps in nerve impulses, circulation, respiration, and elimination. “Pitta dosha” controls all processes of transformation in the body. “Kapha dosha” is responsible for growth, adding structure unit by unit and offer protection.

Ayurveda provides special attention to each person as these ratios vary in each individual. There are a few herbs though that help all three doshas. We have selected herbs that have these properties.


As a human being progresses in age, the individual can suffer from various diseases because of unwanted toxins or substances which have been collected in the body due to polluted air, food containing pesticides and other toxins and work pressure and immobility. All this is damaging the purifying organs of the body thus creating a disequilibrium in the body which weakens its resistance.

In order to regain an equilibrium these unwanted material needs to be remove from the body. Ayurvedic can help to detoxify the body and regaining this equilibrium.