We offer only two product ranges. One that can help to fight burn out and to restore energy levels, the other one that can help to lose excess weight. We have experienced overweight and burn out. We know what it feels like. That is why we feel passionate about providing help to others.


Together with our partners we have done lots of research and tests in these two areas and this is where we dedicate all our energy and time. We believe that you have to focus on something to be really good at it. Therefore, we only offer two product ranges. 


We offer you herbal mixes that have shown their potency for hundreds of years. It is not only the individual qualities of each ingredient, but it is especially the combination of the herbs that make these herbal mixes so powerful as the herbal substances react with each other which further strengthens the positive effect.


Our bodies are masters of adaptions. They get used to stimuli. People who are going to the gym know this: If we want to train a muscle we need to change excercises as using always the same excercise will not bring significant further development after a while. It is the same with herbal stimuli. Therefore, we have selected the best herbal mixes from three traditional schools of medicine. We offer herbals mixes from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Traditional South American Medicine. They can deliver great results alone, but using them one after the other works even better.

All our products contain only natural herbal ingredients. They should help you to achieve your goals and sustain them in a natural way. Please click on one of the pictures below to learn more about each product range.