Questions & Answers

A lot of the questions that you might have are answered in this section. If you have any further questions then please contact us via our web form.

How and how often shall I take my herbal products?

The products come as a powder in small packages. One package each day. We recommend that you split the content in 3-5 equal portions, mix it in water (preferably hot water, product does not fully dissolve) and take them after each meal.


How does the powder taste?

It does not taste that great. We could add sweetener and all kinds of artificial flavourings, but we rather sell a product that can help and is all natural than one that just tastes good.


Why do you offer herbal mix from three different regions?

Our bodies are masters of adaptions. They get used to stimuli. People who are going to the gym know this: If we want to train a muscle we need to change excercises as using always the same excercise will not bring significant further development after a while. It is the same with herbal stimuli. We have selected the best herbal mix from each medical philosophy and region. They can deliver great results and work even better if you change from one to another after about a month.


Why are your products so inexpensive? Why are they so expensive?

We are being asked both questions. Products that are purely ecologic unfortunately still are slightly more expensive than industrial products. It is important to us to sell only biological products as they should help your body and not add any pollutants like so many industrial products do. We know that our products offer great value for money compared to other biological products. This is because we are interested in a fair partnership with our customers and hope you recommend us further.


Are your products going to heal me of all illnesses and make me instantly feel well and happy?

No, they will not, but they can help you feel better in small, but sustainable steps. They help your body to find back to a more balanced state. In most cases it took years to get out of balance so getting back to a more healthy state does not come overnight - surely not in a sustainable way. There are shops that promise you anything. There are some products that bring quick relieve, only to make you feel even worse after a while (similar to drinking coffee which makes you wake up, but after a short while you feel even more tired). We want to help your body. So you have more energy in the long run or lose excessive weight for good.


Any side effects?

The herbs in our products have been used in traditional medicine for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. There are only very few people who experience side effects or allergies. You can try to take only half a bag during the first and the other half during the second day to test if you have any allergies against any of the ingredients. If you don't feel well at any time during the use of the herbal mixture stop taking them and seek the advice of a doctor. Once again, there are only very few people who experience side effects.


For how long should I take the product?

It really depends on the state of your body. We normally recommend to take products of each medicine school for one month and then take a month long break (so one month of Trad. Chinese Medicine, one month Ayurvedic and one month Trad. South American Medicine, then one month break). We also advise you that you use the opportunity to change your overall life style during this cycle. Try to get sufficient sleep, eat a more balanced diet, drink less alcohol and try to exercise a bit more. Don't overdo it. Try some small, but sustainable steps.

If you have not yet fully achieved the desired effect, after this four month cycle (three months of taking product, one month break), you can start with another four month cycle.